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Bill C-9 Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2015 - New Investigation Requirements

May 14, 2015 – Amendments were made to the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA), following Royal Assent to Bill C-9, to enforce a mandatory two-phase process by employers to investigate any workplace incidents.

All workplace incidents involving serious injury or death, major structural failure of collapse, major release of a hazardous substance, a blasting accident that causes personal injury, a dangerous incident involving explosives, a diving accident, any accident or other incident that results in injury to a worker requiring medical treatment, and any near misses must be reported.

The two-phase process requires employers to complete a preliminary investigation within the first 48 hours of the incident and a full investigation within 30 days. On-the-spot financial penalties may be assessed against employers for certain violations of the WCA and the threshold and obligations regarding work-stop orders have been expanded.

May 27, 2015 – WorkSafeBC approves the interim policies to govern employers’ compliance with the new investigation requirements under the amended Workers Compensation Act and is now seeking stakeholder input regarding its discussion paper and proposed changes to work-stop orders under the WCA.

For a full summary of the legislative changes to Bill C-9, visit Bill 9 – 2015 Workers Compensation Amendment Act, 2015 – First Reading

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Original article source: New investigation requirements, on-the-spot financial penalties and work-stop orders in wake of Babine and Lakeland sawmill disasters

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